We have teamed up and decided to make a year long freebie. Every month will be new themed kit. The kit will be given out the course of the month. One paper/element a day on one of the blogs..so check both blogs everyday( Remember there is going to be days without links but you will still need to check everyday!) We also have addons you can win or buy that goes with the freebie kit. O you want to win? Leave a nice comment the day we have a link up with your email addy and you will be entered to win! Want another way to win? Well we will be holding a layout contest at the end of the month! Winner will receive BOTH addons!! So scroll down and grab my freebies! And don't forget to check out Brittney's blog!! (go ahead and look at other posts though because I will be giving out other freebies besides the year-long ones!)

If you have used something of mine to make a LO email me, I will post it in my slideshow for everyone to see! (email link with my blinkies)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Im Back! & Feelin Lucky QP's & Contest & FREEBIES!

after a horrid 14 1/2 hour drive through the night (i left ok around 11pm got home around 130 the next afternoon) Im beat! LOL. I just wanted to thank veryone who left a kind word, it was very difficult, I was very close to my Mamaw and I even lived with her after I graduated High School, but Im glad she went in her sleep instead of hanging on and going through all the pain that was infront of her (she had Multiple Myeloma which is cancer its like luekemia but it attacks the bone marrow) so im just glad she isnt suffering anymore. SO again THANK YOU for all your kind messages!
Alright since I've been gone for-jeez I dunno a few weeks man has it been that long?! We have ALOT to go through so bear with me! You'll be getting a few links in here so READ CAREFULLY.
Alright so here is how the CONTEST is going to work- you make a LO using this past months kit (you do not just use my part or just brittneys part you use the whole kit) post your LO to any gallery you like leave us a link (either here on my blog or on Brittneys blog) so we can comment on it. also when you leave your link also LEAVE YOUR EMAIL if you DO NOT leave your email you WILL NOT be considered to win both of the Feelin Lucky Add-Ons, there will also be one randm winner who wins whatever add-on you want!

Here are two QP's I've made for you using Feelin' Lucky? Brittney has a few too! (for the contest dont use our QPs lol dont be a cheater!) this is just one of them
Alright now lets see oh my huge gigantic Easter Kit--I didnt even get it into the store in time for easter :( which is a bummer) but here is a few QP's Brittney made for me and a few LO's as well!

i love Tori's Almost-Easter Dress! so adorable!

here is a late EASTER FREEBIE

FREEBIE FOR PEEP'S SAKE! from my new kit It's Easter for Peep's Sake!

(click on Picture)

Alright here is another ABC kit Add-On for SKIP this time! here are the papers!

(click on picture)

ALRIGHT ONE MORE THING- because I have been down in OK the past couple of weeks I have not finished my portion of April's Mega-Kit--Puddle Jumper, but if you will bear with me and give me this week I will so make it up to you! Deal? awesome. lol alright I think I did and said everthing I needed to, OH as for the daily winners of my links i will be randomly selecting them tonight and you will recieve your links either tonight or tomorrow morning! yes i am still giving away my add on for the link comments!

alright i think thats it got to start designing!