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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feelin' Lucky 5&6

Ok I just got back from OK it is 1217am on wednessday and i am sooooo tired being in the car for 11 hours with 21 month old twins---anyways

ok so brit was going to do my links while i was gone but something got messed up (I didnt send them like I thought) so she has been giving out her links on my days and everything just got to be a mess--this week i was suppossed to have tuesday and tomorrow thursday so to try and get us back on track here is TUESDAYS LINK PT5 AND THURSDAYS LINK PT6 AND I WILL GET WINNERS FOR LAST FRIDAY TOMORROW AND THEN ON FRIDAY WILL PICK TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS WINNERS!

ok i am so tired i am taking a nice hot shower and heading to bed!

good night

sleep tight

and Dont Let the Bed Bugs BITE!

(upcomming kit ^^^-Bed Bugs and Closet Monsters)
ok so number 5 paper you probably already have when i was zipping all the individual files i accidentaly added number5s paper to another zip--so in one of the earlier zips you got two things a toadstool and a paper, my bad no worries though lol just to allieviate any worries no you are not missing out on anything part4 just was not suppossed to have the paper in it!
sorry for any confusion
now that im back i will be making an add-on to DigiTreats ABC Run and Jump kits as well!