We have teamed up and decided to make a year long freebie. Every month will be new themed kit. The kit will be given out the course of the month. One paper/element a day on one of the blogs..so check both blogs everyday( Remember there is going to be days without links but you will still need to check everyday!) We also have addons you can win or buy that goes with the freebie kit. O you want to win? Leave a nice comment the day we have a link up with your email addy and you will be entered to win! Want another way to win? Well we will be holding a layout contest at the end of the month! Winner will receive BOTH addons!! So scroll down and grab my freebies! And don't forget to check out Brittney's blog!! (go ahead and look at other posts though because I will be giving out other freebies besides the year-long ones!)

If you have used something of mine to make a LO email me, I will post it in my slideshow for everyone to see! (email link with my blinkies)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey Day! Gobble Til You Wobble

Some of you will remember the kit Gobble Til You Wobble from last year, however I did a complete makeover on it, redid papers added papers, redid embellies and added new embellies. I think this is one of my favorites!

The first 2 Previews are of the actual Kit the last Preview will take you to your link!

In the Kit there are 16 Papers and 52 Embellishments
There are 8 Papers and 31 Embellishments in your Freebie!!

So if you get both you will end up with a kit that has 24 papers and 83 embellies.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Oh and here are a couple Sneak Peaks of the Papers for my monochramatic Christmas kits...

*Note I havent made previews for my purple, dk blue or berry papers yet, and I still have more colors to go*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sneak Peek and Update on Nov SAG

Ok whew I know I know long time no post but I have been super busy!

November Scrap-A-Ganza----it is completed and ready to go I will be giving you a one lump download next week, or maybe the end of this week we'll see. lol

Okay the sneak peek....I am wrapping up Bed Bugs and Closet Monsters just a few finishing touches

What am I working on now?

An awesome series of kits. I was inspired by the Sunshine Studios Designer Contest Round 3 I think? They had to make a monochramatic kit. (Using only one color, different shades of the same color)

So I decided To do a mini series, I have 21 Colors and each kit will be a color, it will have 6 papers and anywhere from around 10-20 embellies, and they are all christmas themed, not one single kit will be like another, EVERY single paper will be different, and I will have a combo where you can pick 2 colors for a certin price or 3 colors for a special price, not everyone uses traditional colors for their decorations, last year my tree was chocolate, teal, purple with hints of gold. So woul will end up having a tailored color combination choosen by you!

So stay tuned....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ahhh America it is time for change, change of weather, of time, of blog backgrounds...and of course a Change of History! I have not voiced out who I was voting for, I did not want to preach out to you or offend anyone, I just want to say how happy I am that we are taking the first real steps to changing the road our country has been taking.

Congratulations to My President-Elect Barack Obama!

Now wait just a minute you may be saying to yourselves..did se say blog backgrounds....? Hmmm well lookie there! That is a New background!

I wonder what is is from?