We have teamed up and decided to make a year long freebie. Every month will be new themed kit. The kit will be given out the course of the month. One paper/element a day on one of the blogs..so check both blogs everyday( Remember there is going to be days without links but you will still need to check everyday!) We also have addons you can win or buy that goes with the freebie kit. O you want to win? Leave a nice comment the day we have a link up with your email addy and you will be entered to win! Want another way to win? Well we will be holding a layout contest at the end of the month! Winner will receive BOTH addons!! So scroll down and grab my freebies! And don't forget to check out Brittney's blog!! (go ahead and look at other posts though because I will be giving out other freebies besides the year-long ones!)

If you have used something of mine to make a LO email me, I will post it in my slideshow for everyone to see! (email link with my blinkies)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puddle Jumper Finale and Contest

Here are two QP's I made using Puddle Jumper! (Sorry No Preview) Also I wanted to remind you all of the LO contest

Make a LO using this past months freebies, email the link to BrittneyFerguson@Gmail.com

They are due by the 7th of May.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Wow you ladies are waay too fast for me! I have already started getting flooded with donation emails....I will email your links and passwords in just a few days, I am sorry but I didn't expect you to be so quick! I promise give me 2-3 days max! It will be worth it! (I am a huge slacker and I dont have my QP's uploaded yet!

Here is Day 11 (a few hours early but thats okay!)

Charity Kit, LO's and a BONUS

Please check this out, This ia a HUGE MEGA Kit created by over 15 designers, and you can get it FREE! Donate anything, no matter how big or small to AutismSpeaks.Org under general donation (or click here) and send the reciept to XandraMartinDesigns@yahoo.com and you will recieve the links and password! Check out the Ad below!

Ok on to my new LOs, now I know some of you are thinking...I thought she had twins...a girl and a BOY....yet she keeps posting LOs of the girl, no I do not love her more I just haven't gotten any boy kits yet, dont worry though Next week, I promise you will see Nicholas!This was at the St. Louis Zoo (we love it there and practically live there throughout the summer!) The pictures above were so funny, the guy that watched over everything had never, I mean NEVER heard the Guinnea Pigs squeal before (and he was a older man) and one touch from Victoria and there they were filling the room with their high-pitched, ear-shattering squeals, so of course Victoria had to mimick......dang you Guinnea Pigs for teaching her that squeal!
credits: A-liya Dreams of Tenderness which you can find HERE

You will probably see me scrap this picture a million times, When they took the twins from me (at 36 weeks to the day) there was something wrong with Victoria, they rushed her out, and I didnt get to see here for 7-8 hours and only then, when I finally was able to see her, she was in a...I dont know what it was, it was some kind of box to control her breathing and all thhe wires to transport her to Cardinal Glennon (in STL 30 miles away), I never got to hold her, I didnt even get to see her again untill I was out of the hospital, and I didnt get to bring her home untill 2 weeks later...This is the first picture of her, this was by my side untill I got to have her home.

Credits: Brittney Ferguson Victorian Baby which can be found HERE


because no one found bonus #6 here it is

Friday, April 25, 2008

Puddle Jumper Day 10*

Hello Everyone! For right now I have just the link (maybe 2 *hint) I'll be on later tonight with another post!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 9

is there a bonus along with part 9?! hmm maybe, just maybe.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Please Read Concerning Puddle Jumper

It has been brought to my attention that in the zips the previews have been very large and that is why the zips take so long....To the person who told me THANK YOU!!! I did not realize it and I am goin t ffix it today so your next links will be smaller! I am so sorry I hate when I recieve someones kits and things arent labeld correctly or too big...and I did it!

I will fix it and if you want to free a little space go ahead and deleate the previews you have for Puddle Jumper just make sure you get teh next download for smaller previews!

Thanks again

Puddle Jumper 8

New LO's and a BONUS


the awesome Safari Stickers are by Gandaki and can be found HERE

then everything else is from Sweet Pea by Lynn Griffin and can be found HERE



there are two bonus links

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Puddle Jumper 7 and help

Day 7

Hi all I know I am so behind and everything and I am probably too latebut I wanted to see if any of the designers out there would like to contribute a 'mini' kit to give away to anyone who donates to an Autism Charity...I have the colors, I would like to have this thing made by next weekend, not this weekend but next! if you are interested please email me!
no theme besides autism, something fun, if you are interested email and let me know, and when your finished zip it up and upload it to 4shared and send me the link by th 25th and ill put them all together!


KendiRN70 hey hey hey KendiRN70 I think you need to check your spam I sent you an email with Puddle Jumper's Add-On, I was checking and noticed you hadnt gotten it yet and I just want to make sure you got my email!?!

If its gone already email me (under my blinkies) and Ill send them to you again!

OK BONUS TIME <<<< click

Puddle Jumper 6


Monday, April 14, 2008

LO- starring Victoria

These were taken last summer, every year there is a town homecomming parade (i never knew towns did that except for highschool homecomming), hosted by the town firemen, in which there is a theme and you get to make your own little float with your kids and you go in the parade and give out candy, and afterwords there are food stands and games, rides and music. Last years theme was 'What I want to be when I grow up' so we did Victoria as a princess in a burning castle,a nd Nicholas was a fireman in a little firetruck putting the fire out! (Naturally Nicholas had to be a fireman since its the firemans parade, at the fireman's park, and his grandpa is a fireman)

(the carriage sticker and three tree stickers are mine)

Puddle Jumper 5

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Some News

Ok so lots to tell you.. I have been posting the freebie links (well kinda lol) but thats about it, no chit chat nothing, sorry I have been very busy, I made two collab kits for SSD--which I always seem to go overboard with, A large portion for a suprse collab kit which youll find out about closer to june, almost finished with May's Freebie kit, my CT call kit, and I am in the middle of working on 2 kits to sell, not to mention all the doodles and drawings Ive been doing for the next 14-17 theme kits ill do, Oh and I am now on Digital Arts Cafe CT, So youll be seeing some of the LO ive made on here...Sorry if you came here just for freebies--I mean dont worry you will still be getting tons of freebies. So what else do I have to tell you...Dang you Brittney for talking to me on hello and distracting me...you and your big'ol'deer anywho hmmm.......Ill probaby wake up at 300 in the morning and remember but be too tired and lazy to go down stairs to write it down. So I guess thats all for now. OHHHHH ITS EASTER FOR PEEP'S SAKE and FEELIN' LUCKY? IS IN STORES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are two LO's I made using Lynn Griffin's Sweat Pea Combo Kit, I love love love this kit! Ill probably be making more LO's with it later! You can find this amazing kit HERE

Friday, April 11, 2008

Puddle Jumper 4

I swear I am the worlds dense-est person ever, I dont think I have gotten back into the groove of being home yet. I forgot todays link

i swear! Im losing it! so here it is and I am sooo sorry for the delay!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Puddle Jumper 3

SORRY NOT ALOT OF JAZZ TODAY (I might post later tonight--I am currently working on 3 different kits May's, and big suprise collab kit, and my next kit Bed Bugs and Closet Monsters)
whew! So here is todays link--hey if you like my designs apply for my CT youll get your choice of kits to choose from, and all you have to do is do what you love doing--making LOs!

Puddle Jumper 2

for some reason i cannot get my butt into gear

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Puddle Jumper 1

Day 1

depending on comments (if there are any) on certain days ill have a bonus freebie never know when or where....(click picture for link)

Friday, April 4, 2008

April's Scrap-A-Ganza Kit: Puddle Jumper

This Month's New Kit! puddle Jumper!
remember each month is different, meaning not only is te kit different but so are the days we will post the links, make sure you come back EVERYDAY.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

feeling lucky add-ons

ok so besides all the kind words when i was gone no one left me their email so the first 5 people who leave will get my add-on to feelin lucky also the contest ends on the 7th so hurry up ladies and post your links there will be two winners!!