We have teamed up and decided to make a year long freebie. Every month will be new themed kit. The kit will be given out the course of the month. One paper/element a day on one of the blogs..so check both blogs everyday( Remember there is going to be days without links but you will still need to check everyday!) We also have addons you can win or buy that goes with the freebie kit. O you want to win? Leave a nice comment the day we have a link up with your email addy and you will be entered to win! Want another way to win? Well we will be holding a layout contest at the end of the month! Winner will receive BOTH addons!! So scroll down and grab my freebies! And don't forget to check out Brittney's blog!! (go ahead and look at other posts though because I will be giving out other freebies besides the year-long ones!)

If you have used something of mine to make a LO email me, I will post it in my slideshow for everyone to see! (email link with my blinkies)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Ok here is your little treat one day only

My Forest Bed Kit--not the freebie (which you can still get below) but the whole shebang

sorry no pictures over at Adams parent house posting!

here are the links get them while you can


The links are no longer valid as I said on Thursday they were only going to be up for halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Important Info about Tomorrow

Ok so surely you guys know that Halloween is my favorite holiday. If you didn't now you do! It is truly the artists holiday, all about imagination, wonder, creativity, make believe, and art!

So if your subscribe to my feedblitz thing I am going to go ahead and tell you now that TOMORROW I will be having a one day only Halloween treat. You will have to come to the blog tomorrow and if you wait for an update from feedblitz you will be too late. It seems to run a day behind. I will post your Trick or Treat goodie tomorrow afternoon before we start getting ready for Halloween.

Alrighty so untill tomorrow...........
muah ha ha ha ha ha ( <---my best evil laugh, kind of pathetic I know)

Did you notice my blog has a new look? another new background? I will be changing it from time to time and I think maybe a contest, like maybe the frst person to tell me what kit I used to make it might be able to win the kit free.....hmmmmmm maybe just maybe

Monday, October 27, 2008

OK Whewwwww SEPTEMBER Scrap-A-Ganza

I know I am sooo late with this and I am sorry, I lost papers, and my sketches so I had to scan them all in again, anywho here is the preview---I only made one preview the entire kit, and NOT EVERYTHING IS SHOWN, but don't fret I always give you large awesome freebie dont I?! Of course I do!
Click on the 2nd preview for the link

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Kit and update

Here is a quick preview of my newest kit Woodlands you can purchase it in the right hand column.

11 Papers
6 Buttons
6 Flowers
4 Frames
3 Journaling
5 Trims
11 Trees
1 Forest
2 Screws
1 Staple
2 Photo Turns
1 Brad
2 Eyelets
1 Clip
3 Birds
6 Fish
1 Owl
2 Butterflies
2 Deer
1 House
3 Mushrooms
1 Squirel

I am wrapping up Septembers Scrap-A-Ganza now so as soon as I have previews for it Ill post and give you guys the links.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Awesome Contest

Ok so browsing one of my fav Scrappin' Guys Blog (Derek M) I noticed he mentioned a contest so I click on the link and head to another awesome blog and she is havign a contest where you can win one of those creepy changing portrait pictures, they are so awesome. I sat and checked them all out a dozen times and I love all of them! However if I could only choose one and actually hang it on my wall it would have to be the one named Lucretia. She actually looks liek my great great grandmother.

here it is

So if you want a chance to win one of these amazing pictures head over to Little Ant Designs and enter!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Whats different?

Do you notice ANYHTING different? Maybe my blogs look perhaps? hmmmm....... Why hey! Lookie there its all customized and pretty with my newest kit Whoo Are You?...Well isnt that Shnnazy? Halloween is my all-time FAV holiday. It truly is the Artist's holiday. All about creativity, imagination, wonder, make believe, art, expression. It is MY holiday! I have a few more kits up on the sidebar available for purchase, but if you purchase one this weekend, I will be gone Thursday through Sunday this week, I am going to Creating Keepsakes Convention in Kansas City, so if you purchase one I wont get the download links to you untill Monday.
I can't wait for CKC in KC! It is going to be a blast!

Anywho enjoy my new blog look and make sure you grab the freebie in the post below!

Friday, October 3, 2008


I am going to start offering the choice to buy my kits right here on my blog! Under my aout me section there is an area called Buy My Kits, I will have the name of the kit under it a special button made from the kit and that button will take you straight to PAYPAL! Thats right a secure way to buy my things without the hassel of signing up at another store!
It is run through PAYPAL, you do NOT have to have a paypal account, you can use your credit card, and it is completely secure!
Please include your email you would like your links sent when you do purchase a kit!
Soon I will be offering a CD burning service..not yet but soon!

Okay Whew... I am uploading your Freebie NOW.... So as soon as it is up I will post it here in this post!

Here is the main kit... NOT EVERYTHING IS SHOWN...
It includes:
17 Papers
4 Frames
1 Fence
13 Dressed-up Owls
6 Trees
1 Tree/Haunted House
1 Forest
4 Wooden signs
7 Seals
1 Screw
1 Poem
4 Journaling Blocks
1 Notebook w/Journaling
3 Brackets
5 Bookplates
4 Charms
13 Gems
1 Gem Cat
1 Gem Bug
1 Gem Spider
1 Gem Snake
3 Swirls
7 Bows
13 Buttons
11 Trims
5 Wraps
2 Zippers

Whew that is 17 Papers and 114 Embellishments (and not one single item in the kit or the freebie are the same, no recolored items, all different!)

Whoo Are You