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Saturday, February 23, 2008

OK first let me apologise I did NOT know that that particular blog was a 'bad blog' I did NOT know that a bunch of stuff was stolen out of sites--I only knew that sweetmade got hacked into-which is awful, as for my comment regardless of what someone else posts on their blog their is no excuse for threats and name calling--I was sucked into it and I am sorry, I just thought she was helping, I was unaware of all the major 'problems' that have been accouring in the Digi world. I have been designing since october and have only found digi scrapping last year so I am new.
As for the pirate thing other blog is supposed to be for my CT (when I try to get one) Ive been playing with themes and styles for my new site so there is my name and a pirate and a tiny little picture that says avast ye matties-Im not done with it--no it is not a calling card for the horrid person who has stolen alot of things. The reason for the pirate theme: I was tryign to come up with a clever theme to go with my name Xandra....hmm notice anything unique about my name? It starts with an X? Yeah Real name is Alexandra Ive gone by Xandra since before i was born. So I kept asking myseld hmmm.... What type of a cute clever theme goes with X? well I though my stuff was like treasure hey X always marks the spot where treasure is buried right? by pirates on the high seas? So I thought hey that would be cute X marks the spot Xandra Martin Designs. months ive been working on a theme and that was all i could come up with that i was happy with! So thats why my one blos site (which isnt even suppossed to be up yet) and my blinkie are pirate thats my new theme avast ye skallywags, treasure be what you seekin'? always remember x marks the spot! xandra martin designs---that was going to be my banner. i thought it was cute but due to all the real piracy out there i have been singled out--i am sorry if i meslead you or anything but I am not the pirate! LOL I am going to work with anyof the store owners or designers if they have any comments or questions feel free to ask I am more than happy to help in anyway I can. for all the stores and designers affected by my comment on digismack blog i am truly sorry and again I havent been in the digi world for a year yet i dont even know how to make a coupon on my zen cart, I just recieved a tutorial on how to make a hinge and how to 'crimp' your ribbons, I dont know alot.
Again I am sorry by my comment.
I love my theme and I really dont want to change it is what works for my name but if too many stores have a problem with it i will.
Thanks Xandra