We have teamed up and decided to make a year long freebie. Every month will be new themed kit. The kit will be given out the course of the month. One paper/element a day on one of the blogs..so check both blogs everyday( Remember there is going to be days without links but you will still need to check everyday!) We also have addons you can win or buy that goes with the freebie kit. O you want to win? Leave a nice comment the day we have a link up with your email addy and you will be entered to win! Want another way to win? Well we will be holding a layout contest at the end of the month! Winner will receive BOTH addons!! So scroll down and grab my freebies! And don't forget to check out Brittney's blog!! (go ahead and look at other posts though because I will be giving out other freebies besides the year-long ones!)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes I am ALIVE!!!! *EDIT* Freebies and another Update

Hello I know I havent been a good blogger...and I am sorry but I have been SUPER busy! First off I am almost done with the 17 Monochromatic Christmas kits......yeah I ended up going a little crazy...Go figure right?
Secondly We have a little special treat for you guys, for Decembers Scrap-A-Ganza (SAG) We decided to do a main kit in traditional-ish colors. It is called Tidings. AND We each made an add-on for it Brittney did boy's toys and its called Comfort, and I did girl stuff, and its called Joy.
So the main kit and the 2 add-ons it is called.......Tidings of Comfort and Joy...get it?! lol

So you will get a freebie portion of Tidings, a small freebie portion of Comfort and a small freebie portion of Joy.

BUT WAIT THERES MORE. PLEASE Please read our AD at the bottom of this post for your chance to win the entire collection!!!!!! Trust me this is the easiest contest ever!







Ok So I sooo would have had these links up earlier but the other day comming down the stairs I tripped and fell the last couple and landed on my left ankle...it snapped, so I had to go to the ER and I spent the following 6 hours there...1 hour waiting to get out of the lobby, 1 hour to see someone, 1 hour to get an x-ray, another 1 1/2 to get results, 1 more hour to get bandaged, splinted, and crutches....oh and since I didnt feel comfortable driving Adam came to the hospital straight from wor--oh but theres more, on the highway comming to get me he ran outta gas, like 100ft from the exit, so his brother had to come pick him up-thankfully I had my car at the hospital and he took me home, got the kids from his parents house, got them home and showered and into bed and then went and got his car. So yeah a week from Christmas, raining and icy and I am on FREAKING CRUTCHES...not to mention this is my first experience with crutches, and you want to know the freaking kicker? When I was comming down the stairs I was getting ready to finish up my christmas shopping.....so If I was telling a story for a free kit I would soooo get it! unfortunitly Im the one giving stuff away(not unfortunitly--cause I LOVE giving stuff away to fun deserving un-rude people! lol)

Anwho the links are up scroll up to click on freebie pictures there are 2 LINKS. and remember to post your naughty or nice story in the comments here in this post for your chance to win the whole kit-n-kaboodle!

Also I decided to make this alpha which is included in the main kit it is a full Alpha Upper and Lowercase, also numbers and almost all the symbols!